The basic rules on #worldchat

To keep everybody happy and satisfied we have a few basic guidelines to be followed on #worldchat. Here is a brief description of these rules. We dont explain why these rules are there, they are just there, we dont discuss about the rules.

If you cant live with these basic rules: leave. Otherwise be very welcome and have a good time! Here they are!

We require people to speak English on the channel. In private you can do whatever you want but on channel one language: English.
Language moaning
As stated above we require English to be spoken on the channel. We dont want moaning about it why it is English. It is English because we decided so, we dont want whining/moaning.
Excessive colours can make other people annoyed or being ‘blinded’ not everybody uses joyfull mIRC interfaces!
Bold Text or major use of CAPS LOCK
These are just simply annoying to read for a lot of users. CAPS LOCK is annoying aswell, we dont pay more attention to you, you just mess up our feelings and feel disturbed. Therefore just dont use it!
Dirty Language
You can ofcourse make some dirty jokes or speak about sex etc. but we dont want anything alike ‘this is a f***ing moron’ etc.
Keep eachother in value and show respect for others
No specific race, religion or country is better than any else, therefore leave everybody in its value! Its not needed to insult others, you wouldnt like it either.
We dont allow spam, not at any time, not even to promote your channel/website/whatsoever. If you find spam, report it please.
Dont repeat or flood stuff, we wont understand you better if you say something 5 times.
Dont use annoying auto replying scripts.
We dont hand out ops, so dont even bother asking for them. If you get a voice, it doesnt mean you will get it anytime, dont ask us to voice you, it will most of the times lead to a kickban.
No away-messages and be careful with scripts
If you use mIRC you will find tons of more or less useful scripts. Some of them are for protection, some of them for entertainment and some of them are abusive. First of all: YOU DON`T NEED ANY SCRIPT! You can chat perfectly without. But if you realy feel like you would die if you donīt have one, make sure you donīt annoy the other users with it. Noone needs a public message every 10 minutes, that tells us that you are away. And we will notice that you are back.
Dont be hatu

If you break any of these rules you will see yourself expelled from the channel and any of its services.

These rules do not apply to the ops, they are gods and should be worshipped and obeyed at all time.