Quick guide to the website

Sign up on You will need a valid email address to activate your account. Once signed up and activated, you need to log in at least once before your profile becomes visible.

Common issues:

  • If your username and first name are the same, it will show up as empty on the profile page.
  • Email can fail to arrive due to spam filters and what not. Check that first but else ask Mr_Artien or mikeb for help on #worldchat for manual activation or when no reaction email ar0xa (at)

Quick guide to start chatting

Download an IRC program ( or, install it and set the basic settings like a nickname. Connect to IRCNet server, you can find a list of these servers at

Then connect with the command “/server” for example. When connected you can join the channel with /join #worldchat.

In case of any problems joining #worldchat, ask help in #help or #irc-help.

If this sounds all too difficult for you, use the webchat in the menu bar above!